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PSEG Long Island Performance Metrics

Under the recently reformed contract, LIPA and PSEG Long Island agreed to new performance standards, known as metrics, distributed across all the management services provided by PSEG Long Island to LIPA and its customers. These metrics either target maintaining the level of service the LIPA Board of Trustees has established in its policies or addressing identified gaps between the Board’s targeted level of service and the current level of service.

The annual metrics are designed to be achievable levels of performance that are objectively verifiable. The Board appropriates the funds to achieve this performance, tying realistic plans and budgets to measurable outcomes each year. These performance standards ensure that PSEG Long Island’s compensation is tied to delivering meaningful outcomes for LIPA’s electric customers.

Beginning in 2023, metrics were set solely by LIPA for the first time, with an independent recommendation to the LIPA Board by the Department of Public Service.

The 2024 Performance Metrics are divided into two categories: quantitative and initiative-based (also referred to as qualitative). The quantitative metrics are typical utility measures of reliability, safety, staffing, clean energy, and customer experience. The quantitative metrics have predefined numerical measurements that can be benchmarked to other utilities and analyzed for performance trends and costs. The initiative-based metrics are projects to improve specific areas.

LIPA’s quarterly and annual reports on PSEG Long Island’s metrics can be found on our library.