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The LIPA Board has three established committees to apply specific expertise to certain areas of utility operations. The Chair of the Board appoints members to each of the Board Committees based on their experience and skills and Committee chairs provide leadership to each of the Committees.

The Board relies upon the Committees for their greater expertise and gives appropriate deference to the recommendations provided by these Committees. The duties of each Committee below are described in their respective charters.

Finance and Audit Committee

The Finance and Audit Committee oversees and makes recommendations on LIPA’s budget, financial performance, investment and debt management, audits, financial reporting, risk management, and internal controls. Chaired by Trustee David Manning.

Oversight and Clean Energy Committee

The Oversight and Clean Energy Committee oversees the performance of LIPA’s staff and PSEG Long Island to ensure that customers receive safe, reliable, efficient, clean, and affordable utility service. The Committee is responsible for monitoring the policies, principles, and recommendations being advanced pursuant to the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, the Accelerated Renewable Energy Growth and Community Benefit Act, other New York State clean energy policies, initiatives, laws, and directives, and PSEG Long Island’s implementation of programs and initiatives to achieve these goals. Chaired by Trustee Dominick Macchia.

Governance, Planning, and Personnel Committee

The Governance, Planning, and Personnel Committee is responsible for implementing best practices in Board governance, ensuring that the Board’s policies provide strategic direction to the Chief Executive Officer and staff. The Committee is also responsible for appointing and overseeing the CEO; and advising those responsible for appointing Trustees on the skills and experiences required of potential Trustees. Chaired by Trustee Valerie Anderson Campbell.