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Report Double Poles

Double Pole Removal Process

Utility poles owned by LIPA typically have equipment attached to them that belongs to other utilities. Before an old pole can be removed, all utilities, not just LIPA, must first transfer their equipment to the new pole that has been set.

The locations of double poles are added to the National Joint Use Notification System (NJUNS) that is used by the utilities on Long Island and the Rockaways and states nationwide. All utilities in our region voluntarily participate in this process to help monitor the progress of removing double poles.

Typically, the equipment must be removed in sequential order from top to bottom. LIPA or Verizon initiates the process by setting a new pole and then transferring their wires and equipment. Generally, the order is as follows when LIPA is setting a new pole:

  1. LIPA sets new pole and transfers equipment from the old pole to the new pole
  2. Optimum/Altice transfers equipment to the new pole
  3. Municipality transfers equipment to the new pole
  4. Other communication companies transfer equipment to the new pole
  5. Verizon transfers equipment to the new pole
  6. The old pole is removed by Verizon
  7. The above order is reversed when Verizon sets the new pole, with LIPA responsible for making the final equipment transfer to the new pole, and removing the old pole.

NJUNS sends an automated email to the utilities every time a location is updated, or an action is taken, including notification to the appropriate entity that they are “next to go” in the equipment transfer process.

Poles Awaiting Equipment Transfer

The table below shows the number of poles where the named utility is next in line to transfer its equipment from the old pole to the new pole.


  • LIPA – Updating –
  • ALTICE – Updating –
  • VERIZON – Updating –
  • MUNI – Updating –
  • OTHER – Updating –

Identified Double Poles Locations

If you know of a double pole that you would like to report, please e-mail: [email protected].