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LIPA Policy on Underground Service

In most circumstances, overhead construction with a robust vegetation management program provides the best balance between reliability and cost of service for LIPA’s customers. The cost to underground electric service is typically anywhere from two to five times the cost of overhead lines. The life expectancy of overhead lines is also longer than underground facilities.

There may be times when a community would like a portion of their electric service to be built or relocated underground to enhance the local visual appearance. LIPA’s Board of Trustees fully supports local communities making the best choice for their area. To support those choices, LIPA’s Board has adopted a policy that allows communities to request underground service. To ensure fairness for all 1.1 million LIPA customers, the additional costs associated with moving electric service underground are the responsibility of the requesting community. The local community can pay for these costs through their electric bills over a 20-year term or from municipal bonds or other means.

If you are interested in underground electrical facilities in your community, please contact PSEG Long Island Building and Renovation Services at 844-341-6378 or your Major Account Representative. More information about this program is available in the brochure “Choosing Underground Electric Service for Your Community