Working Groups

Interested members of the public can participate in Department of Public Service proceedings or working groups on matters of State policy that will come before the LIPA Board.  Below is a list of proceedings and working groups along with information on methods of participation in the DPS forums.

LIPA Related Working Groups

VDER (Value of Distributed Energy Resources) Working Group:
Overview: In support of Reforming the Energy Vision, the New York State Public Service Commission established a mechanism to transition to a new way to compensate distributed energy resources (DER), like solar power. VDER replaces net energy metering (net metering or NEM) and is intended to create a sustainable solar industry in New York State.

The VDER Phase Two process is an informal, deliberative working group model open to participation by all interested stakeholders.

The process includes two parallel working groups:
  1. Value Stack working group:  to address improvements to the existing value stack compensation framework, and
  2. Rate Design working group:  to address the mass market successor tariff to net energy metering.  The Rate Design working group will also address the related topics of: standby rate design, buy-back rates, grid access charges, non-by passable fees, or other methods to mitigate costs posed on non-participants.
New York State Related Working Groups