Phase II Options Analysis: Moving Forward After Tropical Storm Isaias

LIPA owns the Long Island electric grid and contracts with PSEG Long Island, a subsidiary of Public Service Enterprise Group Incorporated, to operate the grid on a day-to-day basis. Following PSEG Long Island's failures before, during, and after Tropical Storm Isaias in August 2020, LIPA, as directed by its Board of Trustees, is now seeking organizational and contractual changes, as well as appropriate compensation for the costs unnecessarily incurred to restore electric service to customers.

The LIPA Board of Trustees welcomes hearing from our elected officials, stakeholders, and most importantly customers on the alternatives to improve the future management of LIPA’s assets. 

On April 28, 2021, LIPA released the Phase II Report of its Options Analysis. This report carefully details the pros and cons of four management options and provides the Board and stakeholders with the facts to make an informed decision. These options include:

  • Option 1: Sell LIPA’s Assets to Private Investors
  • Option 2: Reset the PSEG Long Island Relationship and Reform the Contract
  • Option 3: Contract with a New Service Provider to Improve Operations
  • Option 4: Bring Utility Operations Under LIPA Management

A recording of the presentation of the Phase II Options Analysis to the LIPA Board of Trustees is available here.

Public Engagement

LIPA is committed to providing a transparent and meaningful process for the public and stakeholders.

In addition to LIPA accepting public comments at the May 19th Board Meeting, two additional virtual public comment sessions were held on May 25th and May 27th.

The public is also welcome to submit comments at any time using the form below. All comments received including recordings and transcripts of the zoom meetings will be posted below. Click here to submit written comments >>


LIPA is dedicated to keeping stakeholders, elected officials, and the public informed about the progress made by LIPA, the Isaias Task Force, and PSEG Long Island after Tropical Storm Isaias. Below is a list of resources, including a timeline, reports, board meeting materials, and more.

Public Comment Sessions


Facts Sheets

30-Day Isaias Task Force Report & Board Meeting Materials

90-Day Isaias Task Force Report & Board Meeting Materials

LIPA Phase I Options Analysis & Board Meeting Materials

LIPA Phase II Options Analysis & Board Meeting Materials

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Public Comment Sessions

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