Energy and Nature Center

Jones Beach Energy & Nature Center

Opened in September 2020, the Jones Beach Energy & Nature Center serves a unique role in engaging the public around one of the Long Island Power Authority’s most important priorities – transitioning to a clean, low-carbon energy future for Long Island and the Rockaways.

This state-of-the-art facility, located on the West End of Jones Beach State Park, is made possible through a partnership between LIPA; New York State Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation; and a consortium of public and private partners. As a primary sponsor of the Jones Beach Energy & Nature Center, LIPA operates half the center alongside New York State Parks.

The Jones Beach Energy & Nature Center represents the first time the role of human energy consumption in shaping the natural landscape has been addressed within the New York State Parks system. The Center’s vision is to provide opportunities for visitors to learn more about electricity, clean energy, safety, and more.

LIPA is proud to follow industry best practices of informing and engaging the public through an interactive energy center. Through educational and interactive exhibits and programs, the Jones Beach Energy & Nature Center is an ideal site for education and reflection on the power of nature. The Center provides an incredible experience for families, businesses, students, and consumers to learn about how energy is produced and how each of us can reduce our carbon footprint to help protect and safeguard the environment.

To plan your visit, visit the Jones Beach Energy and Nature Center website.

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