Proposed Rulemaking

The following proposals are for consideration at the December 18, 2019 meeting of the LIPA Board of Trustees:

The Long Island Power Authority (the "Authority") staff ("Staff") proposes to modify the Authority's Tariff for Electric Service (the "Tariff") effective January 1, 2020 (1) to implement rate adjustments as determined through the Authority's annual budget process and (2) eliminate Rate Codes 380 and 880, which have been gradually phased out over five years pursuant to the 2015 Department Rate Recommendation.

The Long Island Power Authority (the "Authority") staff proposes to modify the Authority's Tariff for Electric Service (the "Tariff") effective January 1, 2020, to set a standard rate for pole attachments of wireless communication equipment in accordance with the New York State Public Service Commission (the "Commission")'s Order Approving Petition in Part and Continuing Proceeding1 issued and effective March 14, 2019 (the "March Order"), and to consider updates to its rate for wireline pole attachments in accordance with the Commission's Order Suspending Wireless Pole Attachment Rate Tariff Filings And Granting A Filing Extension To The New York Municipal Power Agency issued and effective July 16, 2019 (the "July Order").

PSEG Long Island's Smart Grid Small Generator Interconnection Procedures (the "SGIP") is an addendum to the Long Island Power Authority (the "Authority")'s Tariff for Electric Service (the"Tariff"). The Authority's staff proposes to modify the SGIP, effective January 1, 2020, to reflectadditional updates and clarifications of the New York Public Service Commission (the "Commission") to the New York State Standardized Interconnection Requirements ("SIR") for Small Distributed Generatorsas a result of the July 13, 2018 Order Granting Clarification and the October 18, 2018 Order Modifying Standardized Interconnection Requirements.

The following proposal will be considered by the LIPA Board of Trustees in 2020:

The Long Island Power Authority (the "Authority") is proposing modifications to the Community Distributed Generation, Value of Distributed Energy Resources ("VDER"), and Net Energy Metering provisions of its Tariff for Electric Service (the "Tariff"): (1) to implement a resource capacity factor adjustment to the Community Credit component of VDER compensation, as recommended in the Whitepaper Regarding High-Capacity-Factor Resources ("Whitepaper")1; (2) to exclude new non-renewable resources from eligibility for the VDER Environmental Value, as recommended in the Whitepaper; (3) to make new non-renewable resources ineligible for Net Energy Metering consistent with PSL 66-p; and (4) to implement a program allowing low-and-moderate-income customers to pledge their bill discounts to community distributed generation projects, consistent with the Bill Discount Pledge Program Implementation Plan of the Joint Utilities of New York. These provisions will be presented to the Authority's Board of Trustees for consideration after the Public Service Commission (the "PSC" or "Commission") has issued orders adopting the Whitepaper's recommendations and approving the Bill Discount Pledge Program Plan.

Tariff Public Hearing Schedule

Approved Rulemaking