Request for Proposal for 280 MW of New, On-Island, Renewable Capacity and Energy

Issuance Date - October 18, 2013

LIPA is issuing this Request for Proposals for up to 280 MW of New, On-Island, Renewable Capacity and Energy ("RFP" or "280 MW RFP") for the addition of up to 280 MW of renewable energy, including all associated capacity and environmental attributes. While LIPA does not fall under the jurisdiction of New York State's renewable portfolio standard ("RPS"), LIPA has adopted a goal to strive toward incorporating a larger percentage of renewable resources in its resource portfolio.

RFP Schedule

The schedule of key dates in this RFP is as follows:
  • RFP Issuance......................................................... October 18, 2013
  • Question Submittal Deadline ........................... February 16, 2014
  • Proposal Submittal Deadline ........................... March 31, 2014
  • Proposal Selection(s) (planned) ...................... December 2014
  • Execution of Contract(s) (planned) ................ 1st Quarter 2016
  • Firm Pricing Required Through ....................... March 31, 2016
  • Latest COD (planned) ....................................... December 31, 2018


All questions and clarifications concerning these RFP Documents shall be electronically submitted to the RFP email address. Such questions or clarifications must be submitted by the "RFP Question Submittal Deadline" (February 16, 2014), as specified in the RFP Schedule, in order to be considered. All inquiries should be asked via the following email address: [email protected].All questions and answers concerning this RFP will be publically available (on an anonymous basis) to all potential Respondents through the RFP Website.

Notice of Intent

Respondents are encouraged to provide a "Notice of Intent to Propose" to the Designated Contact(s) at any time prior to the Proposal Submittal Deadline (March 31, 2014). Such notice shall contain the Respondent's name, corporate address, and phone number as well as the name, address, phone number, and email address for Respondent's primary point of contact.

Submission of Proposals

  • Proposals are limited to one point of interconnect. Multiple proposals by a single bidder are permitted.
  • Bidders submitting multiple proposals must identify if any are mutually exclusive from other Proposal(s) from that Respondent.
  • Proposals shall be submitted in the complete name of the party expecting to execute any resulting contract with LIPA. The Proposal shall be executed by a person who is duly authorized to bind Respondent to a contract.
  • All Proposals submitted in response to this RFP must be received by the Proposal Submittal Deadline. Proposals received after this deadline will not be opened and will be disqualified from further evaluation.
  • Six (6) bound hard copies of each Proposal and one (1) electronic copy of each Proposal (sent via CD, DVD, or flash drive) shall be submitted to LIPA at the following address:
    • Maryanne Colabello333 Earle Ovington Blvd., Suite 403Uniondale, New York 11553
  • Hard copies of Proposals shall be bound and clearly marked with:
    • (1) Project name.
    • (2) Project nominal capacity (MW) and technology type(s).
    • (3) RFP title (280-MW Renewable RFP).
    • (4) Name and address of Respondent.
  • Hard copies of proposals should include clearly-labeled tab dividers between each section.
  • Proposals sent by facsimile or email are not acceptable. Such Proposals will not be evaluated or considered.

Communication During RFP Process

Pursuant to State Finance Law sections 139-j and 139-k, this RFP includes and imposes certain restrictions on communications between LIPA and Respondents during the procurement process. A Respondent is restricted from making contacts (i.e., an oral, written or electronic communications which a reasonable person would infer as an attempt to influence the award, denial, or amendment of a contract) with any LIPA representative, other than as designated herein, from date of issuance of the RFP through the final award and approval of the resulting Procurement Contract (as that term is defined under State Finance Law) by LIPA and the Office of the State Comptroller (the "Restricted Period"), unless it is a contact that is included among certain statutory exemptions as set forth in State Finance Law sections 139-j(3) (a). LIPA staff and Board of Trustees, and advisors are required to obtain certain information when contacted during the Restricted Period and make a determination of the responsibility of the Respondent pursuant to these two statutes. Certain findings of non-responsibility may result in rejection for contract award, and in the event of two findings within a four-year period, the Respondent is debarred from obtaining governmental Procurement Contracts.LIPA's Designated Contacts for this RFP include Michael Standridge, Director of Corporate Contracts and Procurement (516-719-8620) and Edmund Petrocelli, Director of Project Management. Please use Mr. Standridge as the primary point of contact. Designated contacts will be updated and/or supplemented as needed and all such changes will be posted on the RFP website.Other than as provided for in this RFP, any contact with LIPA's Board of Trustees, staff, or advisors regarding the RFP during its pendency may be grounds for disqualification from the RFP process.Further information about these requirements can be found in the Lobbying Guidelines Regarding Procurements, Rules, Regulations or Ratemaking, which is posted on the RFP website.


The selected Respondent(s) will be required to execute a 20-year power purchase agreement ("PPA") with LIPA. A form of PPA will be available on the RFP website. Each Proposal shall provide a "red-line" mark-up to the form of PPA with any comments, insertions, deletions, or other proposed changes, which must include proposed text, as applicable.(1) Redlines shall only be provided using "Track Changes" in Microsoft Word.(2) Respondent modifications that are not clearly identified using "Track Changes" will not be negotiated in the contract.