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For Immediate Release: November 12, 2012

LIPA Reports Power Restored to 98% of Customers that Can Safely Accept Power

As of 2:30 p.m. November 12, 2012:

  • Over 1.1 million outages restored to date; 38,000 in last 24 hours
  • 13,000 outages remain in Nassau and Suffolk County outside the flood zone
  • 99% of those who are able to receive power to be restored by end of Tuesday
  • Although LIPA power is available, up to 17,500 customers in Nassau and Suffolk and 29,000 in the Rockaways are unable to safely receive power without customer repairs
  • Over 9,400 linemen and tree trim crews continue to work around the clock to restore remaining customer outages
  • All schools outside Rockaways to be energized by end of day

Uniondale, NY - LIPA continues to make progress in getting power back on across Long Island, having restored power to more than 1.1 million customers. A work force of 15,000 linemen, field and support personnel have restored power to over 38,000 customers in the past 24 hours, bringing the total restored to 98% of those customers that can safely accept power. While approximately 46,000 customers remain in flooded areas and may not be able to accept power until certified safe to do so, the LIPA system is up and running and ready to restore power to these customers once they have completed the necessary repairs and/or obtained an electrical inspection certificate.

LIPA continues to be on track for restoring 99% of its customers who are safe to receive power by end of day tomorrow. Efforts will not stop there as LIPA will work to quickly restore any remaining outages. Once restoration is complete, customers will continue to still see a large contingent of line and tree crews in the coming days and weeks as we work to make permanent any temporary repairs in place now.

LIPA also continues to make progress in flood-impacted areas, and continues to restore power wherever safely possible.

Progress Continues on Long Beach

  • 95% of all homes capable of safely accepting power have been restored

  • 50% of Village of Atlantic Beach has been restored with continued focus in that area today.  Working closely with Village inspectors and will energize when safe to do so.

  • All schools have been energized

  • Installed portable generators at key intersections in downtown area City of Long Beach to power traffic lights not capable of receiving power (remaining flood issues)

  • Completing store by store effort in Main Street area on City of Long Beach to assess ability to energize. Many of these businesses still suffer from effects of flooding.

Progress Continues in the Rockaway Peninsula

LIPA is working with New York City to facilitate the identification of customers who were not affected by flooding so that we can restore power. Much progress has been made with LIPA now able to provide power to nearly 85% of the areas in the Rockaways once the premises are safe to accept power. Some highlights include power being restored to:

  • Seven of 19 Public Schools
  • Far Rockaway underground network supplying approximately 100 residential and small commercial customers (Central Ave, Far Rockaway)
  • Approx 100-200 residential and small commercial customers served by overhead lines in Central Far Rockaway (vicinity of 101st Precinct that was not flooded)
  • Seven of 30 nursing homes
  • Central Assisted Living facility
  • Arverne Limited Housing Complex (six apartment buildings)
  • New Haven Housing – three of five buildings have been restored
  • Dayton Towers West underground network (nine apartment buildings)
  • Completed Repairs at Dayton Towers East in preparation for restoration later today
  • Sand Castle Apartments (500 units)

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