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For Immediate Release: November 6, 2012


Special Taskforce has begun bringing power back to main roads and traffic signals

If your home requires an electrical inspection certificate, you or your electrician should submit it to LIPA:

Uniondale, NY—LIPA and National Grid are prioritizing the restoration of the Rockaway Peninsula in Queens. On Sunday, a LIPA and National Grid team was put in place at a mobile operations center that was set up at the Rockaway Beach substation. Yesterday, a second mobile trailer was brought to 108th street to expand operations to support community relations. The team has been engaged in plans with the New York City Housing Authority, New York Police Department, Fire Department of New York , and Office of Emergency Management (OEM) to develop a plan of action to determine the most effective approach to energize homes and businesses that are able to receive power after the devastating flooding and damage caused by Hurricane Sandy.

While LIPA and National Grid are working to restore power as quickly as possible, safety remains a big concern for the Rockaway Peninsula. Many homes and businesses have been flooded and severely damaged. Water intrusion into the electric panels, wiring or appliances of homes and businesses could present unsafe conditions when re-energizing those areas or facilities.

A special taskforce consisting of LIPA, National Grid, and the NYC OEM was deployed Sunday, to begin the process of making door-to-door inspections and determining which homes and businesses are structurally safe and fit to accept power safely. These inspections will be done with the help of local electricians and plumbers who have expertise in that area.

LIPA has responded quickly to the city’s request for additional resources. In addition to setting up portable generation to start to bring power to the main roads, traffic lights, and some housing complexes, LIPA has deployed restoration crews to immediately begin construction to build a bypass system to get transmission to the Rockaway Beach substation. Once power is distributed to the substation in the Rockaway area, crews will begin to energize the distribution system. Additionally, work continues to repair all other substations on the peninsula which suffered extreme flood damage from the storm. In the interim, mobile substations are temporarily being brought in and sited.

In total, approximately 250 personnel have been assigned to Rockaway peninsula during the day working 16 hour shifts, with another 100 assigned overnight resources to allow for 24 hour operations. This number will continue to expand as feasible.

There is certainly a long road ahead but this is an important first step. LIPA and National Grid are committed to restoring power to the Rockaway Peninsula and will continue to work in partnership with the many other agencies engaged in efforts in these communities.


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